The Best Sales Trainer Sydney: 11 Ways To Be A Smarter Communicator

The meaning of Communication is the response you get back!

You can start by make it your goal to be a smarter communicator, when you do, you will start to stack the odds in your favor and this is definitely one way that can help you close more sales indefinitely.

Something to consider is allowing a bit of silence in the conversation so that your prospect or potential client can understand what it is you have and how what you have can help them, let’s face it, most of the time the prospect / client themselves doesn’t even know what they want, so making that crucial decision to say “yes” to you just got that tad harder.

Here are 7 things you can implement in your tool box to help you be a smarter communicator

1. Listener more than you speak

2. Ask questions

3. Find common interest

4. Speak their language

5. Work out what the under lying message is

6. Understand how they make decisions

7. Understand how to use hypnotic language

Working on our communication skills can be so much fun, especially when you can move a potential client to a client, ah, its so empowering


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