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The Best Sales Trainer: 10 Hot Sales Training Tips To Close More Sales

Are you a small business owner?

Do you have sales representatives?

Do you have a sales business plan?

Do you include for your sales team, sales training? And if you do, do you implement the 10 tips below? I hope you do! Why, because your sales people will find it easier to achieve their KPI’S if they work smarter not harder.

Whether you are a coach, real estate agent, personal trainer, counsellor, small business owner, sales person or you are just wanting to improve your relationship, the 10 tips below will teach and show you the short cuts you need to achieve your goals.

#1: Learn how to go deep and long rather than short and wide
–  Get more from the clients you have rather than finding more to achieve the same result!

#2: Get to the heart of the problem by asking questions
– When you do this the client knows you care and the sale is yours

#3: Save time
– Deal with people who really want to work with you!

#4: Increase your sales
– Create a simple short sales model you know works well for you

#5: Do business with people who are ready now!
– Identify who is ready and who is not ready before you commit yourself 100%

#6: Eliminate objections early
– This is where the sale starts. Learn to overcome objections even before they become an objection.

#7: Become more profitable
– Gather tools that show you how you can sell your product or service for what it is really worth.

#8: Keep it simple and easy to use
– Rigorously follow and implement the steps you set and you will create the results you want.

#9: Get motivated first and your clients who will act accordingly
– Higher paying clients always deal with sales people who radiate great energy. Fact!

#10: Higher paying clients
– Stop wasting your time with clients who are not ready to buy!

About the Author:
Rob Borg is a leading peak performance business strategist, coach, mentor and trainer in the fields of sales, sales and marketing, sales training Sydney, sales training Melbourne and personal development.

Rob is the person sales people turn to when they need help, direction, motivation or simply to close more sales and achieve budget. Rob is the person who can help you turn it all around, by helping you lay the foundation from where you are now and what you need to do to achieve what it is that you want and do it with certainty.

Happy Selling!