5 Simple Steps To Improve Our Overall Well Being

In these challenging times, our mindset it key to reaching goals and achieving success. Are you rattled by self- doubt, do you harbor irrational fears? Is living each day feeling like a total grind? If yes, you are not alone, however people with a strong mindset run a very different model to get through each day. All you have to do is put in a little time the rest will look after itself. Here are 5 steps you can use to start to implement immediately.

1.    Practice objectivity, in other words focus solely on the goal
May sound simple and it is. Take some time to get clear about your goal whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. When we become totally clear of what we want and are 100% certain that this is what we want to achieve, then step one is to start by making this our sole objective over the given time frame we are facing.

2.    Tackle problems in a comprehensive way
We will always be challenged its just a part of life, however, these challenges can turn into serious problems if left unaddressed. It’s important we take / allocate sometime to note challenges, problems we are experiencing and work through them to address them quickly, this way every effort is being made to ensure they are kept under control. Doing this will go a long way to help eliminate anxiety, stress, panic attacks and overwhelm just to name a few. So, keeping on top of our challenges which may lead to larger problems will go along way to keeping a healthy mindset as we turn to focus on the outcome rather than the problem.

3.    Seize opportunities when they present themselves, then and there
No point letting good opportunities go, yet most seem to do exactly this. If a good opportunity presents itself, how do you know it’s a good opportunity and one not to miss out on? Take the time to write up a simple plan for yourself (per topic or area of your life) it could be business, recruiting, potential new client or even a date you go on, about what constitutes a good opportunity for you and how will you recognize one when it when it comes your way, so you don’t miss out. This may require you to think, just a little outside the box.

4.    Put your ego aside.
The biggest culprit by far, thinking you know everything or thinking you’re always right. If being always right is your gig then you will unfortunately miss out on what good things life has in store for you. Why block, is it because of self-esteem, confidence issues, have you been hurt or maybe it’s something else? An open mind and being receptive to everything that passes your path will always make for a more prosperous future in any area of your life. A simple way forward is to hear things out, no need to jump in lock stock and barrel, take the time out to address first, weigh up your options before making that all important final decision.

5.    Develop a plan and take massive action
Setting a goal is great, however failure to implement means future disappointment and leaves you in square one or even worse. Break up your goals, a simple way to achieve faster is to start with the longest goal say two years out and plan for that first, then plan your twelve-month goal by breaking down your two year goal in half, then your six month, three month, one month and finally your one month goal. Take the time and plan properly then tweak and adjust as you go along

Even though I haven’t been specific to mindset in this article it’s important to note that I have indirectly as I have built it in to the steps you take to achieving your goals set, so, as long as you do the work, you’ll feel better within yourself and as you feel better within yourself, you’ll make progress, even if its slowly keep in mind it’s still progress and as you progress results will come your way. Feeling better now?


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