5 Tips On How To Close More Sales

You want to close more sales right?

We all want to close more sales. Here are 5 tips on how to close more sales easily and effortlessly.

Tip #1: People always like to feel they are getting a great deal.
If you haven’t given them anything of significant value “And Most Sales People Don’t” then they will compete on price and rationalise to themselves why they should purchase your product or service.

In the end its dollar versus value instead of value versus dollar and the dollar has to win out or the sale doesn’t go through. From your end, you want to ensure that value well out ways the investment being asked.


Tip #2: Talk about them not you
Focus the conversation on your buyer. “WIIFM” What’s In It For Me.

Your role is to ensure they feel important, so make it a must to show interest in them and keep the conversation purely focussed on them.


Tip #3: Ask the right questions
To often we forget to ask the right questions that have the potential to lead us to closing the sale.

If you want more sales then questions are the answer. Keep in mind that when you ask questions, good questions the client becomes the topic of interest rather than you.


Tip #4: Use a funnel type process
It is your job to lead your client to drink the water, after all they came to you. So you want to have in place a funnel that takes your client wherever you want them to go. This way  you can work through the process without having to divert or lose track of where you are in the process.

This is also a great way when it come to ensuring you are productive and making the most of your time.


Tip #5: Give them an offer they would be foolish to pass by
Sweeten the deal. Listen carefully to their wants and needs and provide an offer that they simply can’t say no to.


Take the 5 tips and incorporate them into your sales presentation and they will make an amazing difference to your end result.


Happy Selling


The above tips come from our sales training programs and are designed to help sales people excel in sales irrespective of the product or service they are selling. Sales training programs are held in Sydney and Melbounre Australia.




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