7 Simple Steps To Effortlessly Grow Your Business

If you are stuck for ideas and ways to grow your business then here are 7 simple steps you can use to effortlessly grow your business.

  1. Make it a MUST to connect with 5 people a day
  2. Look to invite them for a coffee so you learn more about them and they can learn more about you
  3. Offer a free product as a give away and Build your email list
  4. Engage with your audience and email them helpful tips and information around how what you do can help them
  5. .Like in the old days, personally call them every six to eight weeks to see how they are going
  6. Can you invite them to an event you have coming up
  7. Do they know anyone who they can refer to you


Here is how you can easily add an extra 10k to your turnover every month

  1. Say you make 3 contacts per day. That’s 15 contacts per week or 60 contacts per month.
  2. Say you are able to sell a low cost item to them for $397. So by 3 that’s 1119 per week or 5161 per month on average
  3. Say you are able to convert some of these clients in to a higher end sale, say $2495 and you do this once per week that’s $10,811


The difference between adding an extra 10K to your bottom line is

  1. Having a system in place and
  2. Taking action


These are just a few tips on how to start growing your business, increasing your revenue, profit and cashflow so you can start working on your small business and not in it.

Lifetime Dynamics: We work with businesses to show them how to easily find a hidden 10k which is laying dormant in your business. We use sales, sales and marketing, and work out what is working today and what is passed its use by date. You save on expenses and increses profit.



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