Are You A Generalist Or A Specialist?

Have you ever asked yourself why one sales person creates outstanding results and the other lags behind?

Let me give you the answer in this short analogy.

Take a GP General Practitioner, thousands of people a year go to their GP seeking help on all kinds of issues, in some cases the general practitioner can help them and in most cases they can’t.

I am sure that irrespective of the outcome they do very well financially.

What happens when you the person who has gone for help gets turned back because they do not have an answer for what you are looking for, something they cannot solve, they refer you to someone who can help and this person is known as a Specialist, why because the Specialist only focuses on one problem and works to identify a solution to that problem, invests all their time, money, effort and energy on one area and becomes the expert at it.

Here is the question for you as a sales person that you need to answer, who gets paid more a Generalist or a Specialist?

See here is the most likely reason why sales people do not create the best result they possibly can, it’s because they dabble into too many areas which take them away from doing the sole thing they were meant to do and that is SELL.

The #1 factor behind sales people failing is they are generalists not specialists.

If you get paid you are a pro at what you do, your next step is to brand yourself as the expert in that field and this is what people become to know you as, so when it comes time to refer you they don’t have to think of what to say, they know.

As a sales person your role is to sell, period, however most sales people are doing everything but sell.

If you want to change it all around – The Answer is become a SPECIALIST!

About the Author:
Rob Borg is a leading peak performance coach in the fields of sales, sales and marketing, sales training sydney , sales training melbourne and personal development.

Rob is the person sales people turn to when they need help, direction, motivation or simply to close more sales and achieve budget. Rob is the person who can help you turn it all around, by helping you lay the foundation from where you are now and what you need to do to achieve what it is that you want and do it with certainty.

Happy Selling!