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Why you “MUST” Take Action Now!
“My life has changed dramatically in just a matter of months after Rob helped me realise what I really wanted from my life. We worked backwards from my goals which had allowed us to work out the best way in which to get me there, my business has grown by 150%, and is continuing to grow everyday, now I look forward to the next step in achieving the life I truly want.”

Case Study
After almost 18 months of drifting sideways in his business and going backwards we identified areas where John could make tangible improvements and bottom-line changes. Once addressed an immediate impact on his business was forthcoming and within 3 months he had more than tripled his rate of return on his business turnover.

Real Example

Before Coaching Program
Personal gym training session 45 minutes charged out at $65 per session

Personal gym training sessions per week 20
Total Income $1300.00 per week

After completing Coaching Program
Personal gym training sessions 45 minutes charged out at $70 per session

Personal gym training sessions per week 47
Total Income $3290.00 per week
An income increase of $1990.00 or 153% increase. Per week

James A Personal Trainer

I attended the program after realizing that to move forward in my life and become more successful, I would need the help of a professional.

I’ve worked with Rob on different strategies which I could implement in my life and ultimately in my business. This has resulted in increased revenue in my business and I am now in a process of hiring people to work for me! Absolutely Awesome

The great thing that I have learned most from the coaching sessions is how someone can “look inside your head” and see all the opportunities possible from a different point of view, which in return has helped me to overcome my holding blocks.

I have had an experience with coaching before and I have to admit that the different approach which I got from Robert was absolutely amazing.

He is very professional and his easy approach gives me the confidence to recommend him to everyone who seeks self improvement and the correct direction in life.

Robert N. NSW

If you think that the promises made here are too good to be true, I’m living proof that this is the real thing.

I started seeing Rob at Lifetime Dynamics six months ago, at that time I was unhappy and didn’t know where I was heading. I wasn’t aware of my passions or what I needed to do to feel better.

Now, after only six months, my life is completely different – I don’t even think in the same way!

I am now pursuing new goals and enjoying life. Definite, lasting changes have been made – changes which can happen for anyone.

Personally, I found Rob to be a genuine, caring person who honestly loves to see good things happen for people. He does all he can for his clients to ensure their success.

If you take the step to invest in yourself, I am certain that Lifetime Dynamics will help you, whoever you are, to get anything you want out of life – and even more!

Jane L. NSW

I found your program to be inspirational. It has in a simple, yet positive way shown me and my team a new way to look at what we do every day. That just doing the basics is easy yet not enough and that just doing a little more with your head and your heart will give you endless rewards.

If you take on board the concepts and reprogram you’re thought patterns the number of doors that open automatically are staggering. The success that I have been able to achieve in just a few weeks of ‘giving it a go’ has scarred me. What had I been missing for so long!

The taking control of my attitude and personal responsibility for my action/inaction has changed me forever. There is no going back once you have seen the other side (it is greener) and taken control of your thoughts and actions.

I would strongly recommend Lifetime Dynamics to anyone wishing to improve their personal and professional lives.

Sergio P

Yes, you. Do it!

That’s just the beginning, make the decision and become empowered.

Let me share my thoughts on the process with Lifetime Dynamics:- Robert Borg had undertaken a seminar for our company, although I didn’t clearly get the message, something resonated with me, my sales results which is a direct result to my lifestyle was suffering, I seemed to be in a rut, I felt negative and as thought I was not in control of my  life, and it was ‘my life’ that needed some movement and change. I called & emailed Robert Borg and said I was ready, ready for what I had no idea.

The coaching was seamless, challenging at times and I had huge shifts the entire way. To some degree my entire outlook on My life became clear, I reflected each session with how I felt and what I learnt and then one day I suddenly had clarity on how I made decisions, specifically what I wanted and exactly how I was going to get there.

Life became exciting, great and fun. I started to hit goals and have been doing so consistently. I now feel like I’m in the driver’s seat of my own life. Such simple techniques that we don’t get taught by our family, schools or in our work environments, it’s our duty to empower ourselves and I can give you testimony that Lifetime Dynamics, partnered with Robert Borg helped me to achieve this. A gift. An investment sure, but the best personal investment I have ever made in myself.

I have continued to excel at what I do with a new gusto and ability that on some days I think ‘wow, this is easy, why didn’t someone let me know I could sell and keep relationships and build financial freedom by adopting the techniques earlier’.

I had struggled with love and letting go, and yet, now I am married very happily with the person I dreamt of. I have better relationships with my family, colleagues and am on track to all the things I have always wanted. I am in control.

All I can say is, just do it, YOU DESERVE IT!

Thank you Robert Borg & Lifetime Dynamics.

Warm Regards, Sally-Anne McQuillan

Over the past 3 years Rob has been of great assistance to each of my staff in the capacity of personal coach, business coach and trainer.

For the last 3 years Rob has worked as a business coach looking at the big picture level our, business, its challenges and helped brainstorm, facilitated and manage significant changes in the organizational structure and direction of the business.

He works individually with our staff as a business coach monitoring their performance, keeping them on task and focused on their goals while helping them take responsibility for their workplace environment and the challenges that they face.

Rob has provided sales training and personal development training in group formats that have been highly effective.

This has included working on the values and culture of the business to individual; sales techniques to best service our clients and prospects, and to achieve great results.

Rob uses a number of sales training techniques, the philosophy of (NLP) and other positive enhancement tools that help people understand and establish for themselves their limiting beliefs and pattern forming decisions that do not serve them and shows them how to turn it into a productive manner.

Robert is a good listener and has great rapport building skills, we have benefited from his services and support for many years in good times and in challenging times.

Since Rob’s involvement the business has seen significant growth particularly coming out of a difficult GFC period and we attribute much of our success to his direct involvement. We highly recommend Rob as a reliable and effective resource to any organization looking to improve their performance and results.

Robert. D NSW

I attended one of Rob’s workshops and then entered a one on one mentoring arrangement, which we have conducted through Skype.

At the workshop, Rob challenged some of my thinking around how I was dealing with my clients and through the one on one work with him, I have changed my approach. As a management consultant, one of my biggest difficulties was believing in my own value. Working with Rob has given me the confidence to be charging what I should have been charging from the beginning.

He has also given me some really valuable tools and insights for negotiating contracts with clients. A number of my “prospects” have been converted into $ at a higher value, than I had thought possible.

Megan.D NSW

As a chartered accountant working with numbers and predominantly in the area of taxation, I used to find the topic of sales and marketing remote and daunting, until I was involved in a 2-day sales course run by Rob Borg.

In that 2-day course, Rob showed and taught us how to increase and close more sales – the new way, using a simple 4-step sales model. I found the sales model easy to comprehend and apply and, when used correctly, it is effective in generating sales.

Working closely with Rob in sales and personal development coaching sessions (in the last 6 months) I appreciated that success is a journey where small, daily and unyielding efforts are applied consistently and persistently towards a definite goal.

I discovered new business ideas, developed confidence in my dealings with clients/prospective clients and learned ways to increase leads generation.   With the assistance of Rob we came up with a business model, action plan and performance monitoring criteria.

Rob is very passionate about what he is doing and I can feel this during the coaching sessions.   His positive attitude and high energy level are infectious and one can hardly come out of a session not feeling excited.   

Even though Rob has a lot on his plate he always puts his priority to his coaching clients as he wants them to succeed. I recommend Rob to those who are serious about increasing sales or closing more sales, and to those who want to strive for something huge and make a real difference in business and in life.

David Woo – Partner, Richard A Bobb Chartered Accountants

I definitely feel lucky to have come across Rob, he is an important part of my growth and the growth of my company.

Rob helped me address issues that I didn’t even realise were holding me back from being whom I wanted to be. He gave me the confidence to back myself and the tools to work with in my business full-time instead of part-time.

The fact that he has run successful businesses in the past is definitely evident, as he is always able to relate and assist with any issues that I come across.  I look forward to further success thanks to Rob. –

Vaun Rare

I found Rob a little over a year and a half ago when I attended a ‘free seminar’ he conducted in the inner city one evening.

I was at a cross roads with my career and so was searching for guidance and direction but was not quite sure how to go about it. 

I listened carefully not only to what Rob had to say but also to his story on the journey he had taken which lead him to cross my path.

In the past months Rob has listened guided, mentored and molded my personal and business career to a point I could not have reached on my own.

His approach to every individual varies yet also very constructive, informative and comes from his own experiences in having trialed and tested the methods he teaches and impresses upon his clients.

We have connected and built a very good work ethic and relationship which enables me to speak frankly with him and discuss many different challenges I have faced and gives me the tools and skills on how to approach and move forward.

Rob’s ethics and giving nature in my opinion is the core of his professionalism yet personalized way of servicing his clients. I for one can honestly say that if you follow his techniques, structures and programs they are the  reason many of whom (his clients) including myself,  go on to achieve a higher result.

His implementation of new ideas, skills and innovative learning together with  always seeking ways to better serve or help his client are his trade mark for them reaching their inner potential of achieving their goal.   

Rob has excellent listening skills, a great attitude towards building rapport  and his involvement with individuals or corporate training programs speak for themselves in the results achieved.

I highly recommend Rob in the highest manor as an accomplished business owner, motivator and coach when it comes to those in search and ready to change to a better more effective way of not only running your business but also for those who are facing challenges with their current situation whether in sales, profit building or staff goals.

Carmel Soames – CAM Events

If you are in small business, and you want sales representatives to be leaders in the field, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are in property, run a real estate agency, are a personal trainer, are in MLM multi level marketing, are in network marketing, or go to networking events,  then this is for you. Thanks to technology you can get all the career help you want, a sales business plan to keep you motivated and accountable, goal setting and the latest cutting edge sales training available to keep you ahead of your competition by learning essential sales skills, effective communication skills, rapport building techniques and much, much more.