The Best Sales Coach: What We Never Learnt At School About Business

People get into their own business for many reasons, most want to know what it takes to be successful and not just hard work. A successful business owner firstly is in a business they understand and love, they would do it for free if they could.

So, apart from working harder for our dollar, how as a business owner can we attract a bigger slice of the pie by working smarter not harder?

1. You can start by attracting repeat current customer transactions and aim to generate a high volume of sales from them.
It takes a long time to find a really good client, one that fits our overall criteria, so why not start here first.

2. Advertising
Once you develop a loyal client base overtime, you should direct your advertising efforts toward retaining that client base for as long as you can. Invest time in investing a portion of your marketing dollars to the data base you already have, example rewards program, loyalty program, high achievers club, discount vouchers and coupons.

3. This is the time to give
You need to give before you get and sometimes a lot more than you thought. Your clients are your most valuable asset, the good ones will feed you referrals at will for a zero cost outlay to your business.

How are you looking after your clients, what will you give them that has the stay and refer?

Yours in Sales & Business Success