The Best Sales Coach: How To Use Rapport As A Sales Skill

Question: Would you like to know the secret to closing more sales?

Answer: Be great at building rapport!

What is rapport? “Rapport is the process of matching and mirroring someone, so they uncritically accept the suggestions you give them,” and it is all done at the unconscious level.

By rapport building we mean to work at becoming like them.

The basis of rapport is that when people are like each other they like each other, and it is done out of conscious awareness.

Are you a small business owner? Do you have salespeople? Do you have a sales business plan? Do you include for your sales team, sales training? And if you do, do you teach them rapport building skills?

I hope you do! Why, because your salespeople will find it very difficult to close sales and achieve your set KPI if they do not have rapport building skills as part of their tool set.

If you want to increase your KPI’S then the very first thing you must do is learn how to connect with people easily and effortlessly and you must learn to do it quickly.

You are about to get all the career help you need. See whether you are a coach, personal trainer, counsellor, small business owner, sales person, mortgage broker, dentist, chiropractor, doctor, or you are just wanting to improve your personal relationships, by using the rapport building techniques I am about to show you, you can begin to become like them, so the basis of rapport is that when people are like each other they like each other and they will buy from you or accept your way of thinking!

Let me give you an example:
If you raise your right hand and I raise my right hand this is known as matching, and if you raise your right hand but I raise my left hand this is known as mirroring. (Like when you look in the mirror when doing this exercise)

Master communicators of all time know how to build rapport and get into it very quickly. The end result is you have built trust with someone where you will have undeniable client attention, understanding and acceptance.

How do we build rapport at the unconscious level? One way you could do it is by matching people’s tonality which is 38% in communicating effectively with someone else.

You can match the tone of voice, the speed of their voice, the quality of their voice or even the volume of their voice.

1. Next time you are on a sales call or even out shopping why don’t you use the above and practice matching them for yourself and see what happens.

About the Author:
Rob Borg is a leading coach in the fields of small business, sales, sales and marketing, sales training, sales coaching and personal development. He is the person salespeople turn to when they need help, direction, motivation or simply to close more sales and achieve budget. Rob is the person who can help you turn it all around, by helping you lay the foundation from where you are now and where you want to go and to do it with certainty.