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How Small Business Can Improve the Performance of Their Sales Representatives with 3 Small Changes

Is your small business struggling to make ends meet?
Are your sales people struggling to reach their sales goals?

The fact is most sales people are.

You may then ask why, I believe there are 3 main components as to why sales people find sales a real challenge and here they are

Most sales people do not have an exit strategy. They are not specific or clear enough about what they want when they see a client, they only think they do. It is therefore pretty hard to close the sales and achieve anything if you do not have the end in mind first.

Are you trying to establish a relationship? are you trying to get clear what the client wants? Are you trying to get a signed agreement? I have seen this many times in my clients, when a potential sale goes begging and we look back to identify why, the exit strategy was missed, it was never planned.

Without this you will never be able to move the client in the appropriate direction because not even you are aware of the direction, therefore the sale will not happen.

You either have it or you need it!

Confidence and self belief rates as 2 of the biggest challenges facing humans today and plays a massive part in how we go about life and the results we create in the game called sales.

There are many intelligent people in our society, and many so called potential sales champions, but why is it that most are struggling, I can assure you it has nothing to do with their education or intelligence, there are many business’s which have quality goods and services to offer the end user but why are they not achieving the results they deserve.

Here is a helpful strategy I personally use myself. If you want to increase your levels of confidence, put a plan in place first and make sure you ask questions rather than do all the talking or think you have to do the talking to impress, where the only person being impressed is the person who is not doing the buying. You may be surprised what happens next.

Are you busy or productive? How much time are you spending on things which keep you busy but are unproductive when it comes to your sales results?

If you are in sales and you want to achieve outstanding results, then you must use the 10/10/10 model. We’ve designed a simple model which keeps sales people on their toes and productive all the time, rather than busy.

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About the Author:
Rob Borg is a leading peak performance coach in the fields of business, sales and personal development. He is the person sales people turn to when they need help, direction, motivation or simply to close more sales and achieve budget. Rob is the person who can help you turn it all around, by helping you lay the foundation from where you are now and what you need to do to achieve what it is that you want and do it with certainty.

Happy Selling!

Robert  Borg







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