How To Close More Sales

You tell me you have competition and I beg to disagree.


If you are in sales, yes we all are, the only thing that separates me from you is what’s unique about me.

As an example if I offer a guarantee and you don’t then that makes me unique to you

If you are a small business owner, a sales representative, or you are new to sales then listen carefully, as what I am about to share with you will be the difference between closing deals at the price you want and chasing deals where the only ones you get are the ones you reduce your prices on and this is not selling.

Want to learn how to differentiate yourself from the pack, then learn how to be unique by giving something away for free that most of your opposition wouldn’t dare go near, it’s that simple!

The biggest mistake the majority of sales people make is they think they have to know everything about their product or service and in reality this is so far from the truth!

Let me give you an example:

Recently I came across a client who never bought the services I am offering from my competitor however she purchased off me, not becuase I was the better looking one but because , I made sure

  1. I found out exactly why she was looking for
  2. What she wanted to achieve and
  3. What was holding her back

What I found out was the most invaluable information I had ever wished for – She proceeded to tell me that she didn’t buy from my competitor because they showed no interest in her.

I wonder, how often does this happens?

In essence what the client really wants to know is how much you care.

Tip: Prior to seeing your next client incorporate in your sales presentation the questions I used above and ensure to have a unique point of difference. This will help you close the deal without having to lower your price.

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About the Author:
Rob Borg is a leading sales coach and sales trainer in the fields of small business, sales and personal development. He is the person sales people turn to when they need help, direction, motivation or simply to close more sales and achieve budget. Rob is the person who can help you turn it all around, by helping you lay the foundation from where you are now and where you want to go and to do it with certainty.


Happy Selling

Rob Borg


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