How To  
Double Your Sales 
In 30 Minutes A Day 

Even If You Don't Like Selling

Why This Program Is Profitable...

  • 1
    Proven Sales Formula That Works                                                                                                                                                                 Helps You Deliver You Brand New Quality Long Term Clients; Week After Week, Month After Month, Year After Year… It's Consistent and Reliable!
  • 2
    User Friendly
    Simple Easy To Learn And Use Tools, Strategies & Techniques To Improve Your Confidence And Self Esteem When It Comes To Sales
  • 3
    Increase Your Rate Of Conversion                                                                                                                                                           Simple & Easy to use step by step sales formula that guarantees you will increase your rate of conversion  
  • 4
    Sell With Integrity
    How To Effectively Communicate With Your Prospective Client So You Can Influence With Integrity And Close More Sales Now!
  • 5
    Relationship Building 
    Learn Personal Skills So You Can Build Stronger, Trusting, Long Lasting Relationships Which Will Improve Your Career And Personal Results.
  • 6
    Your #1 Choice When It Comes To Sales Coaching, Mentoring & Training 
    Irrespective of Whether You Choose To Take On Our Basic Online Program or Our More In depth Training Program, The Programs Are Designed To Build On The Back Of The Other  
  • 7
    Can Your Business Do With An Extra 50K - 250K in the next 12 Months?
    Discover How We Unlock 50K – 250K in additional sales in less than 12 Months Which Is Laying Dormant In Your Business Guaranteed
  • 8
    Backdoor Access
    Receive “Backdoor” Access To A Series Of Powerful Customized Business & Sales Growth Strategies To Solve All Your Sales And Cash Flow Issues
  • 9
    The Key To Sales Is...
    Implement Proven Sales Language Skills That Enable You And Your Sales Team To Sell For Higher Prices Whilst Retaining Clients Long Term

Here Is All the Value You Get As Part Of Your  Program

6 Programs that will will help you Sell & Close More Sales Easily & Effortlessly

Course 1:
The NEW Way To Sell & Close More Sales 

Duration: 2 Days

  • Learn how to increase your prices without jeopardizing the sale

  • How to turn the most frustrating part of the sales process - Objections - in to the most rewarding.

  • Learn a simple 5 step approach to closing all the sales you can handle

  • Learn how increasing your transactions can easily help you double or triple your monthly sales

  • How to use a prospects internal dialogue to your advantage and to close more sales

  • Course 2:
    How To Position Yourself As The Expert In Your Field

    Duration: 3 Hours

    • Identify your ideal client
    • Learn the use the hot buttons that drive your clients to buy from you now
    • Discover why it is so important to know who your market is and why

    • Do you really have competition? Here’s a key tool that says you don’t

    • How to easily identify the low hanging fruit

    • How to turn your data base into a money making cash register 

    Course 3
    Communicate, Negotiate & Sell

    Duration: 2 Days

    • Learn Effective skills in communication

    • Build powerful, long lasting relationships skills & techniques

    • Discover how to know if your client is really telling you the truth?

    • How to know if your message got through and what to say next

    • Learn how clients make decisions and what you need to say next

    Course 4
    The Secret To Take Control Of Your Business & Your Life

    Duration: 2 Days

  • Embrace change and thrive in challenging situations

  • Set goals and achieve them with certainty
  • Learn the 5 Principles for Business Success

  • Expand your vision and awareness about what is possible to achieve

  • Persuasive Selling Skills

    Duration: 3 Hours

  • Learn advanced sales skills in communication

  • Learn how to elicit patterns which uncover hidden valuable insights without intruding your client’s personal life

  • Advanced elicitation of strategies to win more sales

  • Discover the #1 model that helps you get to the very heart of the problem a client is trying to solve

  • Learn simple questions to ask that help turn objections into sales 

  • How To Scale & Grow Your Business On Auto Pilot

    Duration: 3 Hours

    • Discover How To Unlock 50K to 250K In additional sales in less than 12 months
    • Learn how to position yourself as the expert in your field

    • Discover how to never, waste another cent on your marketing again

    • How to know when a buyer is really a buyer 

    • 3 Things you can do to be the go to person when it comes to your product or service

    About Rob Borg

    Explain why you're to right person to teach this stuff.
    Rob Borg is a peak performance, coach, mentor and trainer for business owners who want to improve their Sales, Revenue, Profit, Cash flow and Staff productivity.

    With over 25 years in sales, management and business experience, Rob is the person people turn to when they need help, direction, guidance and motivation, or when they need solutions to a problem quickly.

    Rob is a Keynote Speaker, a Certified Trainer of NLP, a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. Rob also has a diploma in Financial Planning and a private pilot’s license.

    Rob has spoken on stage with Gerry Robert and other high profile speakers in the fields of business, sales, and personal development. Rob has created his own freedom, at home he’s a great cook (even baking), he loves watching the football, and travelling around the world with his wife and two boys!

    What You'll Get When You Attend Our Training's

    Access to all the coaching, mentoring and training program that have helped thousands of sales people increase their sales easily and effortlessly

    Access to all the workbooks, PDF templates, checklists, tasks and other useful resources we have available that can help you excel in the field of sales 

    Access to phone & email support via our unique sales coaching & accountability program as well as our program guarantee for peace of mind 

    What People Are Saying...

    Rob showed and taught us how to increase and close more sales – the new way, using a simple 5-step sales model

    As a chartered accountant working with numbers and predominantly in the area of taxation, I used to find the topic of sales and marketing remote and daunting, until I was involved in a 2-day sales course run by Rob Borg.

    In that 2-day course,  I found the sales model easy to comprehend and apply and, when used correctly, it is effective in generating sales.

    Working closely with Rob in sales and personal development coaching sessions (in the last 6 months) I appreciated that success is a journey where small, daily and unyielding efforts are applied consistently and persistently towards a definite goal.

    I discovered new business ideas, developed confidence in my dealings with client and prospective clients and learned ways to generate leads.  

    Rob is very passionate about what he is doing and I can feel this during the coaching sessions. His positive attitude and high energy level are infectious and one can hardly come out of a session not feeling excited.    Even though Rob has a lot on his plate he always puts his priority to his coaching clients as he wants them to succeed. I recommend Rob to those who are serious about increasing sales or closing more sales, and to those who want to strive for something huge and make a real difference in business and in life.

    David Woo (Accountant Sydney)


    Over the past 3 years Rob has been of great assistance to each of my staff in the capacity of personal coach, business coach and trainer.
    For the last 3 years Rob has worked as a business coach looking at the big picture level our, business, its challenges and helped brainstorm, facilitated and manage significant changes in the organizational structure and direction of the business.
    He works individually with our staff as a business coach monitoring their performance, keeping them on task and focused on their goals while helping them take responsibility for their workplace environment and the challenges that they face.
    Rob has provided sales training and personal development training in group formats that have been highly effective.
    This has included working on the values and culture of the business to individual; sales techniques to best service our clients and prospects, and to achieve great results.
    Rob uses a number of sales training techniques, the philosophy of (NLP) and other positive enhancement tools that help people understand and establish for themselves their limiting beliefs and pattern forming decisions that do not serve them and shows them how to turn it into a productive manner.
    Robert is a good listener and has great rapport building skills, we have benefited from his services and support for many years in good times and in challenging times.
    Since Rob’s involvement the business has seen significant growth particularly coming out of a difficult GFC period and we attribute much of our success to his direct involvement. We highly recommend Rob as a reliable and effective resource to any organization looking to improve their performance and results.

    Robert Deans (Commercial Real Estate)

    Yes you. Do it!

    That’s just the beginning, make the decision and become empowered. Let me share my thoughts on the process with Lifetime Dynamics:- Robert Borg had undertaken a seminar for our company, although I didn’t clearly get the message, something resonated with me, my sales results which is a direct result to my lifestyle was suffering, I seemed to be in a rut, I felt negative and as thought I was not in control of my  life, and it was ‘my life’ that needed some movement and change. I called & emailed Robert Borg and said I was ready, ready for what I had no idea. The coaching was seamless, challenging at times and I had huge shifts the entire way. To some degree my entire outlook on My life became clear, I reflected each session with how I felt and what I learnt and then one day I suddenly had clarity on how I made decisions, specifically what I wanted and exactly how I was going to get there.
    Life became exciting, great and fun. I started to hit goals and have been doing so consistently. I now feel like I’m in the driver’s seat of my own life. Such simple techniques that we don’t get taught by our family, schools or in our work environments, it’s our duty to empower ourselves and I can give you testimony that Lifetime Dynamics, partnered with Robert Borg helped me to achieve this. A gift. An investment sure, but the best personal investment I have ever made in myself.
    I have continued to excel at what I do with a new gusto and ability that on some days I think ‘wow, this is easy, why didn’t someone let me know I could sell and keep relationships and build financial freedom by adopting the techniques earlier’.
    I had struggled with love and letting go, and yet, now I am married very happily with the person I dreamt of. I have better relationships with my family, colleagues and am on track to all the things I have always wanted. I am in control.
    All I can say is, just do it, YOU DESERVE IT!
    Thank you Robert Borg & Lifetime Dynamics.

    Sally-Anne Sydney NSW

    Is This Course Right For You?

    Who is this for

    • Business owners who want an extra 50K - 250K in additional sales over the next 12 months. 
    • Sales people who want to take the next step on their sales journey and capitalize on opportunities which present themselves  
    • You're NEW to sales and want to do it right the first time.
    • B2B Professionals who want to polish up on their sales skills

    Who is this not for

    • If you are making more than 50,000 or more in sales per month consistently and do not want to make anymore.
    • If you are not Open Minded and do not realize that you could be doing it smarter.
    • If you are not willing to follow what is taught and Take Action
    • If you are not Coachable & Teachable
    500% ROI in Less Than 12 Months, Guaranteed!

    Try this course risk free for 12 Months and if you do not achieve a 500% ROI, just send us a message and we'll work with you for FREE till you do! T&C Apply.

    Program Bonuses

    Access to a private Facebook Group

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    Ask The Expert Sales Conference Call

    Weekly, Live, Interactive Sales Training Sessions. Get the questions you have answered NOW! Position Yourself As The Expert In Your Field. Beginners to almost "Sales Champions" welcome. 


    Free Bonus Report

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    Discover The 3 Critical Business Mistakes You Must Stop Making In Order To EXPLODE YOUR SALES! Click Here 

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    Package 1 only $497

    • 10 Week Live Online Sales Training Program 
    • Program workbook, PDF Templates, checklists, tasks & handouts
    • Email support
    • Ask The Expert Sales Conference Call     

    Package 2 only $1497

    • 6 Month Duration 
    • ​1 x 1 Day NEW Client Acquisition Training Program 
    • 2 x 2 Day Live Sales Training Programs: 
    • Live demonstrations, Program workbook, PDF Templates, checklists, tasks & handouts 
    • Ask The Expert Sales Conference Call               

    Package 3 only $2497

    • 12 Month Duration
    • 3 x 2 Day Live Sales Training Programs:
    • Live demonstrations, Program workbook, PDF Templates, checklists, tasks & handouts 
    • Ask The Expert Sales Conference Call      
    • 500% ROI Guarantee or we work with you for FREE till you achieve result. T&C Apply 


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