How To Double Your Sales In 
30 Minutes A Day Formula,

Even If You Don't Like Selling!

On This Masterclass You'll Discover How To:
  • Easily & Effortlessly sales formula
  • The LESS is More system
  • Turn a cold lead into a sale fast
  • Increase price, profit & cash flow
  • A super-simple & easy way to close more sales
  • Get more clients, work less and have more fun selling
About Your Presenter:

My name is Rob Borg and I work with business owners and their sales teams who are frustrated at missing out on sales they know they should have got, let alone the ones they miss out on that they don't even know about.

I help business owners and their sales teams with my unique "30 Minutes A Day Formula", which shows them how to easily and effortlessly add an extra 50K - 250K in additional sales over the next 12 months guaranteed!

My focus is in 3 areas:
1: To help you "Unlock" future opportunities which are present in your business today, these opportunities can easily amount to an extra 50K to 250K in additional sales, revenue for your business, over the next 12 months.

2: Show you how to close sales easily and effortlessly, even if you don't like selling, so you can increase your, Revenue, Profit & Cash flow in your business and become more productive and effective at selling your product or services for what they are truly worth.

3: Show you a simple strategy you can implement from the get go to make it easier for you to retain your clients for ongoing business, and potentially add a further 50K to 250K here alone.