How To Eliminate Tyre Kickers Fast!

Gold Coast Sales Training 

When it comes to closing sales you’d have to agree, “time is of the essence”, right?

You only have so much of it available at your disposable in one day, so why try winning a prospective client when they don’t value your time.

Here is a simple 3 step process I use to help sales people save massive amounts of time by eliminating tyre kickers fast!

  1. Screen.
    Know what you want, ask the right questions, get the right answers you want, then keep or flick
  2. Qualify
    It takes minutes to now know whether this person is a tyre kicker or not
  3. Next Step Move them into the next phase of the process if they qualify Suggestion:
    If time is really of the essence to you then acknowledge that you must only do in one day what you are best at and do it well.

Stop trying to be the jack of all trades.

Wouldn’t you agree that if you use your time wisely you will see a massive growth in your end of month numbers.

Key Point:
To gain an extra hour or two per day, ensure you source someone to help you with the areas you are deficient in.

Where can you do with some help?

At LifetimeDynamics our goal is to provide you with leadership skills and the correct Mindset  that will ensure success via effective communication through our suite of business training, coaching and mentoring programs 


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