Is Know – Like – Trust Real Or Just A Myth

If you are like me and question the Know – Like – Trust Model as a way of closing more sales then here is an alternative way to closing more sales!

Do you find yourself always having to compete on price to close a sale?

You may think it’s a know, like and trust thing where this is the only reason why people would buy from you, however this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The real reason people buy from you is because they are in the ZONE to buy and if they’re not in the ZONE they will not buy from you or anyone irrespective of what you say or do”.

You may say “You’re right” I bought this item because I was in the “ZONE” however I also bought it from someone I like, someone I know and someone I trust”, very true and I will not argue with you.

Let me ask you a question; have you bought anything from any supplier ever where you didn’t know, like or trust them however you bought the item because they had exactly what you wanted and you bought it. Of course you did!

And this is my point,

People buy from “The TV Shopp” everyday, they speak to a different consultant every time they choose to buy something shown on TV and they buy no questions asked. Why?

So keep in mind closing more sales doesn’t mean someone has to know, like or trust you, the key is they are in the “ZONE” to buy what you have as this is when they are most likely to buy.

The above tips are part of the Lifetime Dynamics Sales training academy and are designed to show sales people how to close more sales easily and effortlessly and business owners how they can educate their sales people to achieve outstanding sales results.


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