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Getting great reviews ads immense value to your business .

Today I want to take a moment to give a shout out to a couple of amazing clients, including one who has seen a $900k plus growth in their business

@Aron Leyshon from @AdStar Advertising created outstanding results and added over 80% in additional revenue.

@Robert Deans from @Deans Property, entrusted me with his business and his team, the result was growth by $1,000,000 plus in additional revenue in less than 12 months.

Here’s the reality of what my clients taught me.

Neither Aron or Robert came to me because of my product or service that I offered.

These clients came to me because I showed them I was real and that I cared about them, I showed interest in what was happening in their lives and it wasn’t just about ‘closing the deal with them’.

All three taught me that if you really genuinely care about them, they would let a coach into their world and share with me what is really going on.

From there we could determine whether there was a real fit to work together.

When it’s the right fit and genuine trust is built and a relationship forms, Pure Magic.

Thank you all for being genuine people and awesome referrers.

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