Success Stories

If you think that the promises made here are too good to be true, I’m living proof that this is the real thing. I started seeing Rob at Lifetime Dynamics six months ago.

At that time, I was unhappy and didn’t know where I was heading. I wasn’t aware of my passions or what I needed to do to feel better.

Now, after only six months, my life is completely different – I don’t even think in the same way!

I'm pursuing new goals and enjoying life.

Definite, lasting changes have been made – changes which can happen for anyone.

Personally, I found Rob to be a genuine, caring person who honestly loves to see good things happen for people. He does all he can for his clients to ensure their success.

If you take the step to invest in yourself, I am certain that Lifetime Dynamics will help you, whoever you are, to get anything you want out of life – and even more! 

Jane L. NSW

I attended the program after realizing that to move forward in my life and become more successful, I would need the help of a professional. I’ve worked with Rob on different strategies which I could implement in my life and ultimately in my business. This has resulted in increased revenue in my business, and I am now in a process of hiring people to work for me! Absolutely Awesome
The great thing that I have learned most from the coaching sessions is how someone can “look inside your head” and see all the opportunities possible from a different point of view, which in return has helped me to overcome my holding blocks.
I have had an experience with coaching before and I have to admit that the different approach which I got from Robert was absolutely amazing.
He is very professional, and his easy approach gives me the confidence to recommend him to everyone who seeks self-improvement and the correct direction in life.

Robert N. NSW

Robert Borg thank you! Hope you’re doing well; I have talked so much about you to many of my friends over the years and the milestones you helped me achieve as my very first ever life coach I had.

I’m forever grateful and appreciative, please know that. 💜

Maria M

Yes, you. Do it!

That’s just the beginning, make the decision and become empowered.

Let me share my thoughts on the process with Lifetime Dynamics:- Robert Borg had undertaken a seminar for our company, although I didn’t clearly get the message, something resonated with me, my sales results which is a direct result to my lifestyle was suffering, I seemed to be in a rut, I felt negative and as thought I was not in control of my life, and it was ‘my life’ that needed some movement and change.

I called & emailed Robert Borg and said I was ready, ready for what I had no idea.

The coaching was seamless, challenging at times and I had huge shifts the entire way.

To some degree my entire outlook on My life became clear, I reflected each session with how I felt and what I learnt and then one day I suddenly had clarity on how I made decisions, specifically what I wanted and exactly how I was going to get there.

Life became exciting, great and fun. I started to hit goals and have been doing so consistently.

I now feel like I’m in the driver’s seat of my own life.

Such simple techniques that we don’t get taught by our family, schools or in our work environments, it’s our duty to empower ourselves and I can give you testimony that Lifetime Dynamics, partnered with Robert Borg helped me to achieve this.

A gift. An investment sure, but the best personal investment I have ever made in myself.

I have continued to excel at what I do with a new gusto and ability that on some days I think ‘wow, this is easy, why didn’t someone let me know I could sell and keep relationships and build financial freedom by adopting the techniques earlier’.

I had struggled with love and letting go, and yet, now I am married very happily with the person I dreamt of. I have better relationships with my family, colleagues and am on track to all the things I have always wanted. I am in control.

All I can say is, just do it, YOU DESERVE IT!

Thank you Robert Borg & Lifetime Dynamics.

Sally-Anne. M NSW