The worst mistake I ever made in my

The worst mistake I ever made in my business

I’m in a business where my goal is to help you achieve more profitable sales.

I got an inquiry as a referral to call a very large furniture distributor who was in need of sales training so they could bolster their sales.

I was always taught to speak with the decision maker, speaking to anyone else and it could prolong the time before a deal could be achieved. I ended up speaking to a team of people who where the go between the final decision maker and myself, one question I was asked was “to convince them on why they should buy from me”, and I froze.

I felt so bad, I was stuck and I didn’t know how to answer it, at least at the time.

The meeting ended abruptly, as quick as it started it was over.

I look back and in hindsight I could have done so much more, such as prepare a little better or even take with me a few value ads, something I didn’t do at the time.

I know I forgot and it was a huge mistake.

In the end, it was a huge lesson learnt and one I have worked on ever since

What about you, how do you ad value?


Rob Borg runs Lifetime Dynamics a company designed to deliver you the tools, skills you must have to develop and grow yourself personally and professionally. This is just one simple tip on how to use essential sales skills from the best sales training program developed to close more sales, start growing your business, increasing your revenue, profit and cashflow so you can start working on your small business not in it.

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