Your Coach, Mentor & Trainer?

Over the last 15 years, Rob Borg has developed a “Winning” formula that shows his clients how to achieve sustainable high-end results which are maintained over a long period of time both personally & professionally.

Having worked closely with people from all walks of life and on all sorts of issues, to be successful in life you first must acknowledge that there is an obstacle in the way and that if you have tried everything and still nothing works then the only way to move forward is to get some professional help.

Rob has been able to help his clients achieve their goals and outcomes to help them move forward in life because they have understood that a small investment will benefit them long term, save time and money, to get what I want, now!

You Have A Choice
1. You can keep reading to find out how or

2. You can leave the page and continue doing what you have been doing till today,

And that is your choice!

First, Read What James Has To Say… “My life has changed dramatically in just a matter of months after Rob helped me realize what I really wanted from my life. We worked backwards from my goals which had allowed us to work out the best way in which to get me there, my business has grown by 150%, and is continuing to grow every day, now I look forward to the next step in achieving the life I truly want.”

Case Study: Real Example
After almost 18 months of drifting sideways in his business and going backwards we identified areas where John could make tangible improvements and bottom-line changes. Once addressed an immediate impact on his business was forthcoming and within 3 months, he had more than tripled his rate of return on his business turnover.

Before Starting Program
Personal gym training session 45 minutes charged out at $65 per session
Personal gym training sessions per week 20
Total Income $1300.00 per week

After Completing Coaching
Personal gym training sessions 45 minutes charged out at $70 per session
Personal gym training sessions per week 47
Total Income: $3290.00 per week

An increase of $1990.00 or 153% Per week

James A – Personal Trainer

**It has been proven many times, that once you lay the foundation of where you want to go, you put a plan in place and follow it, you can achieve any result with certainty.

Rob is a Keynote Speaker, a Certified Trainer of NLP, a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™ and a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy. Rob also has a diploma in Financial Planning and a private pilot’s license. Rob has spoken on stage with Gerry Robert and a number of high-profile speakers in the fields of business, sales and personal development

Yours in Personal & Business Success
Rob Borg